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While paying a visit to your buxom aunty and your curvy brunette bombshell of a step cousin in the early morning and having breakfast with them, you had no idea the amount of pleasure and kinky fun you would have that day. It all started when you were sitting down with your raven-haired babe of a cousin named Chloe. She started looking at you in a seductive manner while licking the topping of her doughnut. If that were not enough, this curvy vixen peeled a banana and started sucking on it as if it were a huge cock. Soon enough your busty cousin whipped her tits out and got down on her knees before pulling down your pants. Even the size of your big cock could not stop Chloe from fucking you. While all of this was going on, your aunt was in the kitchen with her back turned towards the two of you. Luckily, when she went to work she did not even look your way. Right when her mom left, Chloe slid your massive boner inside of her moist snatch for a while before putting it between her huge boobs for a quick boobjob. Then, she laid down on the table and let you hammer her tight virgin butthole in the missionary position as she fingered her pussy. After that, your horny cousin made you lay on the floor and put your dick inside of her ass for a ride, before doing the same thing only in the cowgirl position. In the end, desirable Chloe let you eject your load deep inside of her juicy beaver for a messy creampie.
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Date: July 28, 2020
Actors: Chloe Lamour

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